Financial peace of mind 

when your loved one needs care…

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The #1 reason why people outlive their money:  Cost of care expenses 


What’s a solution?… We have ongoing seminars on this exact topic and help many seniors with this problem. There are ways to making your set-up much better than you have now!

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Personal Story…

In 1984, Don’s grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Being in a new position at the time, Don and his family were left with little options. They went through seven years and seven months privately paying for her health care. She died broke in a Medicaid bed.


Don decided right then and there, that was a turning point…

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When your or your loved one is in need of care, and afraid it will take ALL of the savings away.

The numbers don’t lie.

  • The national average daily rate for a private room in a nursing home is $229, semi private is $205
  • Privately paying for long-term care means that senior would have to find an additional $28,560- $100,000 per year in their budget for just one person to receive care.
  • Most of us, seniors or not, could not afford to privately pay for long-term care year after year.

Elder care will replace childcare.

  • One out of every four families in the United States today are caring for an aging adult in some way. For some families, that means 24-hour live-in care.
  • For other families that means mom needs a ride to the doctor or to the grocery store. 
  • In the next 10 to 20 years, it is projected that elder care will replace childcare as the number one issue for working adult employers will likewise be affected.





All of a sudden…you are in this position.

You’re left wondering…how can I, or my parent or loved one, take care of oneself in the event that they can no longer care for themselves? Am I correctly set up the best way? 

This is my specialty, in getting you the best help and guidance on what you should do so you don’t go broke in a nursing home, can’t get at-home care or just get the best prepared.

“My mission is to help alleviate the ridiculous costs and processes of getting older. How to leverage yourself so you don’t run out of money or not having someone to care for you when you need it!

It’s about getting your savings to do TWO things at once.”

Rick Wagner

President of Legacybuilders