Searching for the best way…Outside of Wall Street! 

Showing you a 2 in 1 Self Banking Concept which gets you:

  • Lifetime, Tax-Free access to your retirement savings while paying down debts much faster & making a better retirement plan.
  • Adding a couple features to your “Financial Peace U” plan that enhances it greatly!
  • 9.9% Equivalent annual return with no market risk using the 2 in 1 Self Banking Concept




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What is the Strategy?

The Strategy is an evolution of concepts like Infinite Banking, Income for Life, Cash Flow Banking and the 770 Account. It uses private mutual insurance companies and strategically designed insurance policies to maximize cash flow, minimize tax and efficiently grow your wealth.


Who does it Work For?

Everyone! Our three step process (Growth, Income, Legacy) allows you to focus on your current financial stage. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to build wealth, maximize existing wealth, or positioning assets for optimal income instead of structuring things for your posterity – the 2 in 1 Self Banking Concept will help.



The History of Self Banking Concept